Get Involved

You can read the full STP submission. This will give you more detailed information about all of the work that is underway.  Please remember that the submission is a draft plan – no decisions have been made about the way that services are provided.

The draft STP sets out our current thinking about the kinds of changes that we are going to have to make.


Involving staff, stakeholders and local people in developing plans and making decisions


We want to make sure staff, stakeholders and local people are involved and engaged in developing plans for transforming care and services across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes. There are lots of ways we intend to do this, including:

  • Staff Voice Partnership – to inform, involve and engage staff in every STP partner organisation
  • Public Voice Partnership – to inform, involve and engage local people, working in partnership with our four Healthwatch organisations
  • Ensuring Local Authority scrutiny committees and Health and Wellbeing Boards receive appropriate and timely information to inform their decision-making
  • Keeping up consistent and regular communication and engagement with you, including through traditional media, social media and digital platforms, information and by organising and hosting engagement events.

If you’re interested in getting involved, enter your details at the bottom of the page to join our mailing list and receive details of any events, meetings or updates we might have.